4 times K-Pop idols have their activities restricted by the companies

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, TWICE’s Jungyeon, and more, are among idols who had jobs turned down by their agencies. 

Even popular idols with large fandoms are still under strict management of their companies. Many K-pop entertainment companies have come under criticism from fans because of their unfair treatment towards their artists.  

K-Pop idols have their activities restricted
Idols having activities limited by the companies causes fans to be angry 

Jungyeon’s acting gigs were rejected 

During a recent live broadcast, when she was asked if she had plans to make a cameo appearance in her sister’s drama, TWICE’s Jungyeon said she would not be allowed to. The reason is because JYP previously turned down the acting offers sent to her. What was revealed by Jungyeon enraged TWICE’s fans. 

Fans believe that Jungyeon has all the qualities to become an actress. The female idol has gorgeous visuals that give off actress vibes and suit different images, from tough to feminine. Besides, Jungyeon is also known for her versatile facial expressions.

K-Pop idols have their activities restricted
Jungyeon could not act, even have a cameo role in her sister’s drama because of JYP 

Lisa could not attend Paris Fashion Week

YG is one of the leading and most well-known entertainment companies in Korea but constantly drives fans mad due to unfair treatment towards their artists. The fact that Lisa was not allowed to attend Paris Fashion Week 2022 once sparked fierce controversy.

YG claimed that due to concerns about the ongoing pandemic, it would be best for Lisa to not appear at crowded events. This infuriated the fans because the other three members of BLACKPINK were all present at the 2022 Paris Fashion Week with no problems. YG was under fire for allegedly discriminating against Lisa

K-Pop idols have their activities restricted
Lisa could not attend Paris Fashion Week even though she went to France

All activities of Lee Hi were frozen by YG for 3 years

Although she is a talented and popular female artist, Lee Hi had been forgotten for a long time.  When she was still an artist under YG, her number of new product releases was extremely small.  From 2013 to 2019, she released only two full albums, including First Love (2013) and Seoulite.

During the period of 3 years (2016 – 2019), Lee Hi did not receive any attention from YG. She neither released a new song nor had the opportunity to meet and interact with fans. Many viewers feel sorry that Lee Hi did not have the opportunity to develop her full potential even in the growing digital music era. By the end of 2019, Lee Hi decided to leave YG and join AOMG

K-Pop idols have their activities restricted
It wasn’t until leaving YG that Lee Hi can fully show off her talents.

Pristin’s disbandment

Debuting in 2017, Pristin made a strong impression on the audience and was called a “super rookie”. Despite having a pretty good start and taking home 3 Rookie of the Year awards, the group had a long hiatus period, which led to its disbandment.

After the release of the song We Like in August 2017, the group gradually had less activities. After that, Pledis Entertainment chose 5 of the remaining 9 members to form Pristin V but the group was not successful. Next, Pledis announced that Kyulkyung would return to China and start a solo career.

The decision made fans extremely angry, saying that Pledis was not wholeheartedly promoting Pristin. In the end, the group disbanded after only 2 years since its debut.

K-Pop idols have their activities restricted
Pledis’ wrong decisions led to the disbandment of “super rookie” Pristin

Entertainment companies are always a solid support for idols.  However, many idols suffer injustice right where they have put their trust.  The fact that companies limit activities and strictly manage artists makes fans angry.


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