BLACKPINK Lisa is confirmed to not attend Paris Fashion Week S/S 2022 despite being in France

Recently, CEO of BVLGARI – JC BABIN caused a stir when announcing that Lisa will be absent from the Bvlgari Event.

Over the past few days, Lisa’s appearance in Paris has been the focus of attention on social media. Fans expected Lisa to arrive in France to attend Paris Fashion Week. However, Celline – the brand for which Lisa is the Brand Ambassador has announced that they will not have a show at the fashion week this year. There have been a lot of rumors hinting at Lisa being the ambassador for MiuMiu, but everything only became clear a few hours before Bvlgari announced Lisa to be their ambassador.

blackpink lisa

However, fans didn’t have enough time to get excited and look forward to the female idol’s appearance at the event of Bvlgari. Because shortly after, the powerful CEO of Bvlgari – JC Babin delivered unfortunate news to the fans. Accordingly, YG refused to allow the BLACKPINK maknae to attend the brand’s event. The reason given by YG is “to ensure safety during the pandemic” for Lisa.

blackpink lisa

However, this action of YG is strongly criticized by the public. Netizens are extremely dissatisfied and angry because Rosé, Jisoo or Jennie have all been able to attend Paris fashion week without any prohibition from YG. On social media platforms, especially Twitter, fans are demanding justice for Lisa. The hashtag #YGLetLisadoHerWork has entered top trending. Fans claim that YG not allowing Lisa to attend this event is discriminatory – something that has always been a controversial issue since BLACKPINK’s debut.

blackpink lisa

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