Controversy explodes when Hyunjin returns with Stray Kids in the group’s new MV

This is Hyunjin's first comeback after being accused of bullying his classmates

Hyunjin was entangled in bullying allegations earlier this year when various anonymous netizens accused the idol group member of being a school bully in the past.

After that, Hyunjin also personally apologized to the victim and stopped working with Stray Kids for self-criticism.

Anyway, many netizens still asked JYP to kick him out of Stray Kids to avoid affecting the group’s image. However, when things did not settle down, on June 26, Hyunjin suddenly reappeared in Stray Kids’ new MV.

Specifically, on June 26, Stray Kids released a teaser for a new MV called ‘Mixtape: OH’. Immediately, fans recognized Hyunjin’s appearance. This incident sparked a huge debate on social media. While fans seemed happy that the male idol was back with group activities, many netizens expressed anger that he was not kicked out of the group.

Currently #Hyunjin is on the top 1 global trending on Twitter.

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