“Controversial actor K is indeed Kim Seon-ho, his agency is aware of the situation”

Another exposure regarding actor Kim Seon-ho, who recently got pointed out for his controversial private life, has appeared. However, there is still no official statement from his agency.

Additional revelations continued against actor Kim Seon-ho, who was recently pointed out regarding his scandalous private life.

On Oct 18th, Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho said in a live broadcast titled “Popular Actor K was Kim Seon-ho”, “We knew Kim Seon-ho was already in trouble with things regarding his ex-lover, and the contents of A’s article match with what people in this business already know about”.The actor that A was talking about was indeed Kim Seon-ho”, reporter Lee revealed. Several media outlets have already obtained and covered the controversy over Kim Sun-ho’s private life.

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“The management agency is already aware of the controversy over Kim Seon-ho’s ex-lover”, he said. “After the revelation about Kim Seon-ho came out, they changed their media-friendly attitude and all of their employees have cut off their contact. There is still no official position .” He also scheduled a broadcast based on the coverage he got as soon as the agency’s position come out.

A, who previously claimed to have dated Kim Seon-ho, referred to Kim Seon-ho as a popular actor called K. She posted on the online community Nate on Oct 17th and claimed that she had been promised marriage, but was forced to terminate her pregnancy and one-sidedly received a breakup notice from him.

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A also revealed that unlike his pure image on the outside, Kim Seon-ho often swore at people working with him and bad-mouthed people around him. Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin-ho said the true face behind the actor’s coverage coincides with the details disclosed by A. This screen capture was from his Youtube broadcast.

A said, “If you thought of getting married and made me get an abortion under the pretense of marriage, shouldn’t you at least know the basic manners after breaking up? Because you would have to pay advertising penalties, I hope you would regret having abandoned your child and me.”

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When asked by netizens whether she had any evidence, A said, “I saved lots of photos and will release them soon. The reason why I didn’t upload the evidence and photos right away is because of legal reasons. I’m still considering that.” This person also emphasized, “I have been suffering from feeling guilty and pain for more than a year. It’s not easy for me to make the decision to write this.”

At the moment, Kim Seon-ho’s company, Salt Entertainment, has not released any statement so far. Meanwhile, All images of Kim Seon-ho on Domino Pizza’s official Instagram have been taken down. 

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