Concerns about BOL4 Ahn Ji Young’s throat condition sparked after her recent live performance 

Netizens are worried about BOL4 Ahn Ji Young’s health. 

Recently, a video titled “BOL4 Ahn Ji Young’s throat status is said to be worrying recently” was posted on various Korean online communities.

bol4 ahn jin young yoo hee yeol

The video shows Ahn Ji Young performing BOL4’s “Travel” live on two occasions, a radio broadcast in June 2018 and KBS2’s “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” in June of this year. Her live vocals in June exposed her somewhat unstable pitch and continued breathing.

In response, netizens shared their reactions of concern, such as “Her eyes look very tired”, “I hope she can continue singing with a healthy voice”, “When she came to a university festival this year, looked thin and weak”, “Isn’t her vocal cord nodule here?”.


Ahn Ji Young started promoting as a soloist in 2020, after Woo Ji Yoon withdrew from BOL4. When rumors of her conflict with Woo Ji Yoon broke out, she took a break for about a year. She said on Instagram, “I will suspend my activities due to deteriorating health and psychological anxiety.”


Ahn Ji Young released her new mini-album “Seoul” earlier this April.

Source: Nate. 

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