Rapper Kisum talked about her poor childhood: “I didn’t have money to buy sanitary pads, I have to borrow some to use”

Rapper Kisum confessed that she had had to borrow sanitary pads in the past due to her family difficulties.  

Kisum announced through the Youtube channel “Recent Situation Olympics” on Jan 27th that she recently donated sanitary pads for charity.

rapper kisum

She shared, “When I was young, my family circumstances were very difficult. But sanitary pads are very expensive. When I was in high school, I had to borrow pads because I didn’t have money to buy them. I barely held out like that,” she said.

“I know that sanitary pads are expensive because I had had such an experience, and I knew that they were essential items, so I thought, ‘I must donate when I become an adult.’ The timing of the donation has been delayed too much thou,” she said.

rapper kisum

Kisum also said she has spent all the money she earned from her albums and broadcasting activities on her father’s surgery. She confessed, “My father had a bad liver, so my mother gave him a liver to be able to do a transplant surgery. I’ve saved everything without spending money on me except for food, but my family lived thanks to this habit,” adding, “If I had spent a lot, my father wouldn’t have been able to have the surgery.”

“Now I have almost no money. I’ve also tried stocks, but the market is not good right now. There’s not much events nowaday, so my income has decreased a lot, but people around me still cheer for me a lot,” she said.

Kisum debuted with the single “First Love” released with singer Se-A in 2013. She made her face known through Mnet’s survival program “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015.

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