This “Penthouse” actress used to go on a 15-hour date with her husband from 7AM just to have a physical strength match with him

The two actor and actress posted pictures of their winter dates. It’s Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo who got married in 2017.

When participating in a variety show, Kim So-yeon once talked about a unique date between Lee Sang-woo and her. It was a physical strength match where they met for 15 hours from 7 a.m. The first thing Kim So-yeon picked as a good thing about getting married was, “You don’t have to get up early for a date at 7 a.m.”

lee sang woo kim so yeon
lee sang woo kim so yeon

As for Lee Sang-woo, he has a unique charm that makes even the nations’ MC Yoo Jae-seok fall in love, which are his witty actions every time he appears in an entertainment show, such as making alcohol with stones at the top of the mountain or picking the legendary comedian “Lee Joo-il” as his role model.

lee sang woo kim so yeon

In a show, he said he finished third in the national arm wrestling competition, but he actually lost to Jeon Jin, who guested on the show with him, making everyone laugh.

But Kim So-yeon is in love with his witty charm. Seeing that they are enjoying their second heyday after marriage, this is called a match made in heaven.

lee sang woo kim so yeon


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