BTS’s RM praised for his smart and sensible answers to fans’ questions

RM of BTS left sensible answers to fans’ questions, drawing keen attention from netizens.

On January 27th, a post was made on an online community about RM’s answers to fans’ concerns or questions on Weverse on the 22nd.

One fan asked, “RM oppa! How did you overcome difficulties and how did you do when you wanted to give up?”  In response, RM said, “Being born to this world seems to be a pain anyway,” but added, “But someone overcomes the pain, changes it to joy, acknowledges that it is pain, accepts it, and shows themselves in their own way.” “Music and art, both are the same,” he replied.

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Another fan asked, “What kind of mindset should I live with when I’m hated?” RM, who explained that he always thinks of this, said, “I just have to live so well,” adding, “so that this one has no choice but to hate me in the end.”

One fan said she doesn’t seem to meet people’s expectations and always feels like a failure. She asked about how to overcome it. RM said, “Life is not about speed, but direction,” and added, “There is no endless way.”

bts rm

Fans were moved by his light but sincere answer. On the other hand, the idol also had some witty answers. To a fan who said, “Life has no answer (“no-dap” in korean),” RM replied, “no double.” Using a word similar to “no-dap,” he sympathized with the fan but also added a wordplay.

He responded to the fan who said, “Can you read bo-yeo backward?” by saying, “I don’t see it (an bo-yeo)” instead of “yeo-bo” (honey), making everyone laugh.

bts rm

Netizens reacted to RM’s answers to fans’ questions with comments such as “He’s attractive,” and “No answer. Now that’s a rapper” “It’s the bo-yeo joke that makes me laugh.” “He’s so sensible,” “He’s so cool,” “Guess he’s a genius.”


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