Han Ga-in: “I don’t like taking photos, I don’t even have a wedding album”

Actor Han Ga-in boasted an unexpected aspect of her.  

Actor Han Ga-in appeared as a guest for the 230th episode of the web entertainment program “Civilization Express” (MMTG) which was released on the evening of Jan 27th.

han ga in

Han Ga-in, who was looking at the photo taken by her husband Yeon Jung-hoon that day, was asked by Jae-jae, “What is your favorite one among them?” Han then answered, “I don’t have a favorite photo. Personally, I don’t really like photos,” which surprised the viewer.

“We don’t even have a wedding album,” Han Ga-in said, “We didn’t make it on purpose. Because I think it would have come out if I searched the Internet anyway,” she explained.

han ga in

Han Ga-in said, “I hate taking photos. Especially, I hate selfies. Aren’t there other people to take photos of you? I don’t even know how to put on makeup. Don’t other people do that for you already? In that sense, I’m a real mix of a celebrity and a non-celebrity. Celebrity is sort of my secondary character now. The places I go to the most are kindergartens, academies, and marts,” she added.


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