All the times BLACKPINK’s Lisa wears the same clothes as male Kpop idols

With her ideal figure and body proportions, BLACKPINK’s Lisa looks good in every outfit.

Not only drawing much attention for her doll-like visual and outstanding talent, Lisa also captures fans’ hearts with her versatile and chic fashion style. Having a perfect body figure, Lisa pulls off every outfit. There are also many moments when Lisa’s clothes clash with other Kpop idols, and the way BLACKPINK’s maknae makes every piece of clothing she puts on look better makes fans admire. 

Lisa looks good in every outfit 

It is common for female idols to turn up in the same outfits, but this situation often happens between Lisa and male idols. Lisa once created a stir when she wore a male oversized cardigan with eye-catching blue, red and white horizontal stripes with star pattern. 

The cardigan is from the luxury brand Celine. Lisa mixed and matched this item with an expensive pair of shorts from Alexander Wang, a sleeveless top and a large belt to create a highlight. The overall outfit makes Lisa look chic and stylish. In this men’s design, Lisa shows her special talent to nail every single outfit.

Lisa shows her charm with the way she coordinated the cardigan from Celine 

Young K (Day6) is one of the famous male idols who once wore this cardigan. He shows off his handsome visual when coordinating it in a layer style with a denim jacket and printed T-shirt.

Soobin (TXT) gives off youthful vibes when wearing this item from Celine with a plaid shirt and white T-shirt, shorts and sneakers to look more sporty. This cardigan was also worn by Jaemin (NCT) in a jacket shooting. In this outfit, Jaemin looks playful and dynamic. 

Young K
Young K wore the cardigan with jeans and a cute patterned t-shirt.
Soobin coordinated the item in a sporty concept
Jaemin shows off his boyish and playful charm 

In addition to this design, Lisa also uses the same item of the French fashion house with many male stars. It’s the Loose Cardigan in Wool. Lisa used this cardigan when wearing a nude bra inside. The female idol mixes it with jeans, showing off her dynamic and sexy look.

Lisa is very attractive in the Celine’s item.

When wearing this cardigan, Lisa looks quite feminine and seductive, but in fact this is an item that Celine designed for men. Therefore, many male idols also choose this cardigan as their favorite outfit. Male idols like Taeyong, Asahi (TREASURE), Woodz (UNIQ), Eric (The Boyz), Taehyun (TXT) and The8 (SEVENTEEN) once flaunted their handsome looks that made female fans flutter.

Taeyong (NCT)
Taeyong (NCT) used to wear this cardigan and mixed it with torn jeans and a white T-shirt, making him look more dynamic and personality.
In the same outfit as Taeyong, Asahi (TREASURE) is also cute and attractive when performing on stage
Woodz turned into a romantic man in Celine’s design.
The combination of items with jeans and t-shirts seems to be very popular with male idols and The8 (SEVENTEEN) is no exception.
Eric (The Boyz)
Eric (The Boyz) is also in love with this cardigan, he mixed it with a white collared T-shirt.
lisa tae hyun
With the same item and shooting angle, Lisa gives a completely different vibe from Taehyun (TXT)

Thanks to her excellent physique and the ability to mix and match, Lisa is always beautiful in any outfit. Not only women’s items, but the maknae of BLACKPINK also often chooses designs for men. Since then, she has always made fans fall in love with her impressive fashion sense.

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