Suzy is so proud about driving, she gets angry when people brags?

Even the “nation’s first love”, singer-actress Suzy, gets angry when it comes to driving-related things.

On the afternoon of the 30th, a video titled ‘‘Careful heart | Drinking, singing, pretty, cute, and funny… Suzy does the difficult things…♥| EP.09 | Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night | Suzy Jo Hyun Ah” was released on the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night”. In the video, Suzy appeared as a guest.


On this show, Suzy said, “I have pride in driving”, to which Jo Hyun Ah agreed and said, “Yea, you have a lot. If you say you’re good at driving, then she’ll be like..”

Hearing this, Suzy nodded and confessed that while she doesn’t get angry much, she would get angry at driving-related things. 

“If someone brags about driving, I go like.. (getting angry)”, said the singer-actress, showing her absolute confidence in the act. 


Suzy revealed that she doesn’t get angry easily and that it takes a lot to make her upset. She said, “I get angry at things like when someone messes around while driving. It makes me a little irritated.” 

Jo Hyun Ah praised Suzy for always preparing coffee for her when she comes to pick her up. Suzy replied with a smile, “Of course, it’s basic.” 

Jo Hyun Ah acknowledged Suzy’s thoughtfulness and said, “I like the comfortable feeling.” Suzy jokingly added, “That’s why you always call me ‘boyfriend’.

Source: Nate

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