Clear evidence proving that Taeyeon (SNSD) – Ravi (VIXX) are dating

On the morning of December 27, Kpop fans were surprised by the news that Taeyeon (SNSD) has been dating Ravi (VIXX) for a year and they also spent Christmas together.

Although the two agencies have denied the news, but with these proofs, fans are sure that the couple has been dating and only denied it on the media.

Fans have discovered a series of “dating hints” of both idols on social media. On Instagram, Taeyeon – Ravi has been following each other for a long time and regularly interacts.  The female idol born in 1989 often pressed the heart button on the photos of the 4-year-old younger male rapper’, making many people think that both were just close friends. Ravi also used to be a guest on the show Amazing Saturnday – where SNSD’s leader is a permanent host.  Just a few days ago, Taeyeon also came as a guest on Ravi’s radio show. The 2 artists often comfortably take photos together.

Joynews24 posted photos of Taeyeon and Ravi dating on Christmas Eve.  Although both agencies have denied, with the above evidence, many fans believe that Taeyeon has been dating Ravi for a year as reported by the Korean news site.

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