Kim Go Eun held hands tightly with her sister in “Little Women” group poster 

Actresses Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo are expected to deliver an iconic sister chemistry.

On August 16th, tvN released a group poster for their new Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women” (written by Jeong Seo Kyung, directed by Kim Hee Won). The poster unveiled the series’ 8 main characters, including those played by Kim Go Eun, Nam Ji Hyun, and Park Ji Hoo. 

In the poster, all characters were gathered in an old-fashioned place, and Kim Go Eun (who plays Oh In Joo) was holding hands tighter with her sister. Meanwhile, Nam Ji Hyun stared at the camera with a calm expression. 

Playing the 3rd sister Oh In Hye, actress Park Ji Hoo appeared quite different as she attached herself to Kim Go Eun, while looking around anxiously. It is predicted that her character will be more fragile inwardly. 

little women

People around the 3 sisters also garnered interest, with consultant Choi Do Il (played by Wi Ha Joon) concealing his inner feelings with a poker face. Meanwhile, Uhm Ji Won and Uhm Ki Joon, who play the owners of the house, looked relaxed. 

Nam Ji Hyun’s childhood friend Ha Jong Ho (played by Kang Hoon), and the young owner of the mansion, Park Hyo Rin (Jeon Chae Un), stimulated curiosity about their relationship with the 3 sisters. 

little women

“Little Women” follows the steps of three sisters who grew up poor but kind, and have to confront the richest and most powerful family in Korea.

The K-drama is directed by Kim Hee Won, who previously worked on “Vincenzo”, and penned by Jeong Seo Kyung, who wrote the script for critically acclaimed movies “Decision to Leave” and “The Handmaiden”. 

In “Little Woman”, Kim Go Eun transforms into the first sister Oh In Joo, who grew up in extreme poverty and dreams of living a life like any other. However, one unexpected event shook up her life. 

Meanwhile, Nam Ji Hyun assumes the role of the 2nd sister Oh In Kyung, who works as a reporter and has a strong sense of justice, refusing to bow her head for money. 

little women

Finally, Park Ji Hoo plays the 3rd sister Oh In Hye, who, despite being poor, is a genius painter who went to a prestigious art high school, who has been feeling burdened by her sisters’ love for her. 

Source: dispatch

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