GOT7 had their last stage together at 2021 Korean Grammy, fans tear up: “This is not the end!”

GOT7 had the last stage together before ending their contract with JYP Entertainment at Golden Disc Awards 2021.

As previously announced, on the afternoon of January 10, GOT7 had a performance at the Golden Disc Awards 2021. This is also said to be the last stage of the 7 members before officially parting ways with JYP Entertainment. Previously, Korean media reported that the members of GOT7 refused to renew their contracts, which means that the group will officially end their 7-year journey with JYP Entertainment.

 At the Golden Disc Awards 2021, GOT7 performed two songs, Not By The Moon and Breath.  These are also the two latest releases of GOT7 before officially terminating their contract with JYP. Right from the morning of January 10, when the news of GOT7 not renewing their contract broke out, fans have been anticipating this performance, because it is likely that this will be the last time they see GOT7 perform as a 7-member line up.

 At today’s awards ceremony, GOT7 received the Bonsang award for album of the year with the mini album DYE.  Although not receiving many awards at the year-end music events, but winning a trophy at the Golden Disc Awards 2021 is a very meaningful reward for the members at this time.

Making a speech at this award, leader JB said, “We think this award is all thanks to the fans. In 2021, we will work hard to bring more new sides to you”.

GOT7 had their last stage

 The moment of GOT7’s separation will surely leave a lot of regret. Although this  is the end that many fans predicted, most fans even feel glad that GOT7 will finally leave JYP, seeing the group’s final stage with a full 7-member lineup still makes many fans emotional:

 – GOT7 is not disbanding, they just leave JYP.

 – When receiving awards, they kept thanking the fans. As Mark said, “2021 will be a new start”. Hopefully the members will all succeed on their chosen paths.

 – Never felt Breath and Not By The Moon as good as it was today.

 – From the beginning of the performance, I couldn’t hold back my tears.  When Breath was turned on, seeing the members’ smiles while dancing made me cry even harder. I got emotional because of the members’ love for fans, and also because I’m thankful as they’re finally gonna be free.

 – Although I don’t know the group very well, I hope they will always shine like their stage today.

 – This is not the end, it’s just the beginning.

 – Sad but mentally prepared. My time as their fan, buying albums, streaming, voting. Today the stage was very beautiful, especially the members looked extremely happy and cool. I teared up while watching the stage because I love GOT7 so much.

Sources: kenh14

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