CL denied health problems because of weight gain and revealed she has moved to the U.S

Singer CL showed off her unique charisma on stage.

On July 5th, 2NE1 member CL posted a photo on her SNS with the message “thank u Singapore.” In the photo released, CL was wearing a colorful stage outfit and performing on stage. You can feel the atmosphere of the concert with her explosive stage manners.

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According to OSEN, the singer has moved to the U.S. this spring, which is reportedly a prelude to the release of her American album. The theory of her getting health issues turned out to be untrue.

Until last year, CL had traveled back and forth between the U.S. and Korea and has been preparing to release albums in both countries. However, as she started preparing her American album, she thought that it was inconvenient to travel between the two countries all the time, and decided to just buy a new house in the U.S.

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After moving to the U.S., the idol had to exercise and practice hard to console her mind and body and adjust to the new life. She also revealed that her recent weight gain was only a transition period that occurred while adjusting to a new life. That’s why the rumor of her getting health problems due to the sudden change of her body is groundless.

On the other hand, CL is reported to appear in the Hollywood film “Mile 22”, which will be released on August 23rd. “Mile 22” is an action blockbuster about a life-to-life transfer operation that requires the world to move its target 22 miles out in 90 minutes. The movie is receiving spotlight for being CL’s first Hollywood debut.

The singer, producer, and cultural icon CL is known as a unique artist. On top of this, she has challenged his acting skills and is building a new career as a mutil-talented artist.

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