Staying quiet for a long time after “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” ended, actor Joo Jong Hyuk finally delivers good news 

Joo Jong Hyuk, who gained keen attention after starring in ENA’s “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, will make a movie comeback.

Through a telephone interview with Wikitree on the afternoon of January 10th, Joo Jong Hyuk’s agency BH Entertainment said, “It is true that Joo Jong Hyuk will appear in the movie ‘Because I Hate Korea’. He is currently preparing for the filming in New Zealand”.

Earlier on the same day, a media outlet reported the news of Joo Jong Hyuk choosing “Because I Hate Korea” as his next film. 

Joo Jong-hyuk

“Because I Hate Korea” tells about Gye Na (Go Ah Sung), a woman in her late 20s who suddenly quits her job and leaves her family and boyfriend behind to go to New Zealand and search for happiness. It is based on a novel of the same name by author Jang Kang Myung.

Joo Jong Hyuk is expected to appear in the film as Jae In, a friend of Gye Na at her overseas academy, and perform amazing chemistry with actress Go Ah Sung.

Joo Jong Hyuk

Joo Jong Hyuk, who debuted through a 2015 independent film, made his face and name known to the public after starring in “Them in Us”, “Young People in Korea”, Netflix’s series “D.P.”, etc. In particular, he impressed viewers with his enthusiastic performance as attorney Kwon Min Woo in ENA’s hit series “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” last year and even gained the nickname “Technician Kwon Min Woo”.

Attention is focused on what new image Joo Jong Hyuk, who has received recognition for his acting skills through “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, will show on the big screen.

The production of “Because I Hate Korea” has been carried out since July 29th last year. Joo Jong Hyuk will head to New Zealand for the movie filming.

Source: wikitree

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