5 hidden details in “The Glory”: Yeon Jin’s husband and daughter may be against her?

There are a lot of details in the Netflix series “The Glory” that netizens suspect may have to do with the series’ ending. 

1. Dong Eun grow poisonous flowers

Both types of flowers grown by Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) in “The Glory” are poisonous. In particular, they can cause hallucinations, or even in some cases, death. This may allude to the gloomy fate that will befall on the antagonists, or even Dong Eun herself in season 2. 

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2. People with the letter “O” in their names

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In season 1, Yeon Jin’s mother scolded her on the way to pick her up from the police station. Here, the mother told Yeon Jin to avoid people with “ㅇ” in their names, as a shaman aid they will bring bad luck. Therefore, Yeon Jin was warned against hanging out with Son Myeong Oh and Choi Hye Jeong – who were both in her bully gang. And these two characters are in fact going against Yeon Jin at the end of season 1. 

Aside from Sa Ra and Jae Jun, other characters surrounding Yeon Jin also have “ㅇ” in their names, from Moon Dong Eun, “executioner” Yoo Jeo Yeong, her daughter Ha Ye Sol, to her husband Ha Do Young. In addition, Ha Ye Sol’s true identity may be the cause for the downfall of Yeon Jin’s seemingly perfect marriage. 

3. English words studied by Dong Eun

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While working at a factory, Dong Eun studied by herself, and learned a lot of English words, including the word “glory”, which is also the title of the K-drama. As a result, many speculate that these words may play an important role when season 2 unfolds, or that Dong Eun will have to go through all of them before earning “glory”. The word “adoration” may also suggest that a love line may be on fruition, especially when it appears at the very beginning. 

4. Demian

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In one scene, Hyeong Nam mentioned Demian, a novel by Herman Hesse that has long been famous in Korea. This novel is about a young man in search of his own ego. It reflects the character’s perception of the world: good and bad, temptation, guilt, freedom… As can be seen, there are similarities between the character in Demian and Dong Eun. Dong Eun put her ego aside to live for nearly 20 years thinking only of her enemies. Good and bad, temptation, guilt and freedom are all things that appear on Dong Eun’s painful journey. Will she find her true freedom and her true self after this journey?

5. The green shoes

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In episode 1, Dong Eun imagined Yeon Jin entering her apartment in Semyeong without taking off her shoes, Dong Eun immediately mocked Yeon Jin that it was too rude. And at the end of season 1, Yeon Jin actually walked into this apartment without even taking off her shoes. The image of shoes also appears a lot on the drama poster, making the audience extremely curious about the hidden meaning of this image.

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