The creepy ending of “The Glory” is hidden inside its character posters? 

Recently, a netizen has attracted attention by coming up with a credible theory regarding the ending of “The Glory”. In particular, this user published their long theory on the Korean forum Daum cafe. 

Here, they referred everyone’s attention to the character posters of “The Glory”, which a lot of people ignored, and said that hints to the ending can be found there. 

the glory poster

“If you look at The Glory poster, you can see that the color of the morning glory on Dong Eun’s side is different from that on Yeon Jin’s side,” they said, adding that the color is white for Dong Eun and yellow for Yeon Jin. 

“The white morning glory, which is called ‘Devil’s morning glory’, and the yellow morning glory, which is called ‘Angel’s morning glory’, are flowers that actually exist”, they wrote. 

the glory poster

Then, the netizen pointed out that Yeon Jin’s husband, Ha Do Young, has a white flower in his poster, and he is looking down, similar to Dong Eun and people on her side, instead of up like Yeon Jin and her friends.

Meanwhile, the real “Devil’s morning glory” grows from the ground and looks at the sky, while the real “Angel’s morning glory” looks down at the ground, and Ha Do Young’s character is the only one with a “Devil’s morning glory” that looks down. 

angel trumptet flower
angel trumptet flower

This may suggest that Ha Do Young, who was originally on Yeon Jin’s side, will adopt Dong Eun’s color and look in the same direction as her.  

In addition, according to the netizen, it seems that Dong Eun’s side intended to look down at the perpetrators (Yeon Jin’s side), who are falling. 

the glory poster

Then, the netizen mentioned another detail seemingly hidden in the poster – which is related to the vines of morning glory wrapped around the neck of some characters. 

In particular, in the character posters, people who have morning glory vines around their necks are Park Yeon Jin, Jeon Jae Jun, Lee Sa Ra, Choi Hye Jeong, and Son Myung Oh. On the other hand, Ju Yeo Jeong, Kang Hyeon Nam, and Ha Do Yeong have nothing wrapped around their necks and look clean. However, Moon Dong Eun also has a vine wrapped around her neck, raising questions.

the glory poster

Regarding this, the netizen said, “It can be seen that the perpetrators have vines wrapped around their necks, which means that their breath is tightened. On the other hand, Moon Dong Eun also has a vine, but it’s not completely wrapped around her neck like the perpetrators. I wonder if she is also dying on her own terms in the process of achieving revenge.”

On the other hand, “The Glory” is a K-drama that revolves around Moon Dong Eun, a woman whose soul was shattered by school violence. As she grows up, she prepares meticulously for a revenge against those who have hurt her. 

Season 1 of “The Glory” was released on December 30th, while season 2 is scheduled for release in March 2023. 

Source: Daum, wikitree

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