Citizen Reports Verbal Abuse in Public by K-Drama “Death’s Game” Staff 

Controversy arose over a claim made by a citizen that they were verbally abused by a member from the crew of upcoming drama “Death’s Game”.

On May 15th, a post by a citizen who was insulted by a drama staff was uploaded to the Korean online community theqoo and drew attention.

The original poster (OP) visited COEX on May 14th and had a bizarre experience. While taking a photo, OP was verbally insulted by a drama filming staff.

OP expressed their discomfort, saying, “It’s so unpleasant to be insulted for no apparent reason by a complete stranger. I want an apology, but there is no way to receive one. I wonder if that person has any shame.” OP added, “I feel like I will never forget this shameful incident until I die” and asked for justice.


OP recounted, “Today (May 14th), around 3:30 PM, I was walking in front of a sculpture at COEX with a friend. Suddenly, a foreigner asked us to take a photo for them, so we were taking the picture. But then a man next to us gave us a stern look and gestured as if chasing away a bug, saying, ‘Don’t take photos. Leave.’ I didn’t know what he was saying, so I asked, ‘What? Excuse me?’ But he didn’t explain the situation and just got angry.”

OP continued, “So I glanced at the scene and realized that they were preparing for a drama shoot. The distance was quite far, and it seemed crowded due to the sculpture obstructing the view. Although I didn’t know they were in the middle of filming, I assumed that person must have been a staff member who tried to stop us.”

OP stated, “If only that staff had initially approached us in a friendly manner, but they suddenly got angry, and it made me feel bad, so I thought I should say something. So I retorted, ‘We were just taking photos because the foreigner asked us to. I didn’t even know what was going on. Why are you getting angry?’ Then the staff said, ‘Won’t the background be captured? If I tell you not to take it, you shouldn’t take it. Can’t you tell just by looking?’.

Seo In-guk

OP continued, “That person never mentioned anything about filming a drama from the beginning and kept talking about the background. At first, I thought they were scolding me without any reason. Honestly, I didn’t even care, but their tone had no justification. I replied, ‘I didn’t know. I was just asked to take a photo, so I was doing so. It wasn’t a shot of the filming location. Why are you getting angry at me? Don’t say anything to me, say it directly to the foreigner.’ Then they muttered alone and stared at me, saying, ‘Are you dumb?’

OP lamented, “My words got stuck in my throat. I couldn’t say anything on the spot and felt helpless. I don’t understand why I had to endure such insults. They didn’t start the conversation nicely, and they got angry, so I asked, ‘Why are you getting angry?’ Is it appropriate to receive insults in return?” 

OP said, “Even if they had asked me to move because they were shooting a drama, I would have apologized and just gone on my way, even if I had to yield a hundred times and said, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t know.’ But the response I received was a sarcastic remark like, ‘If I told you not to take the photo, you shouldn’t have taken it. Can’t you tell just by looking?’ It felt like talking to a wall.

Afterward, OP observed the situation from a distance at the drama shooting location. As they watched the situation unfold, they became engulfed in anger. They noticed that the staff who insulted them treated a male commoner passing by with politeness and guidance.

Park So-dam

OP expressed their doubts, saying, “I wonder how staff members can casually and without hesitation insult a random citizen like that while treating other people politely. It feels so awkward and unfair to experience firsthand what I had only seen on online communities. I feel like I won’t be able to forget this shameful incident until I die.

OP added, “The problem lies with that staff member, not the drama itself. I hope there won’t be significant damage caused because of this incident.

Following the incident, speculations arose in the comments suggesting that the drama in question might be TVING’s soon-to-be-released drama “Death’s Game.” In response, the production company SSL provided a statement through WikiTree on May 15th.

SSL stated, “Death’s Game is a production of our team. We hired additional staff on the previous weekend for location organization and guidance. The production team confirmed the inappropriate behavior of the staff member in question. We sincerely apologize for causing discomfort by failing to pay closer attention during the production process. We will strive for more thorough on-site management to prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening again.”

“Death’s Game” depicts the story of Lee Jae, who experiences 12 deaths and lives before descending into hell. It stars Seo In Guk and Park So Dam.

Source: Wikitree. 

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