Lee Seung Gi Faces Rough Times Ahead of Wedding: Lawsuits, Malicious Comments, and Declining Program Ratings

Lee Seung Gi faces multiple unfavorable issues ahead of his wedding, adding to his already difficult situation.

While the dispute between Lee Seung Gi and his former agency Hook Entertainment, where he had been working for 18 years since his debut, has not been settled, the actor continues to face malicious comments due to his wedding announcement. Now, even the ratings of his current program are not performing well.

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JTBC’s “Peak Time” hosted by MC Lee Seung Gi has not escaped the 0% rating range. According to Nielsen Korea, episode 5 of “Peak Time” recorded a rating of 0.751%. The first episode, which aired on the 15th of last month, recorded a rating peak of 1.298%, but it keeps declining through each episode.

“Peak Time” is a global idol team competition program with the support of world-class production teams consisting of people experienced in survival shows, performances, and directing. Although Lee Seung Gi gained huge support as this is his first program after the conflict with Hook broke out, the result is not very good.

In fact, it seems that Lee Seung Gi’s hard time already started when he signed with Hook Entertainment. After enduring 18 years of hardships, he even had to engage in a mud fight. The actor announced that he would donate all of the settlement money of 5 billion won he received from Hook Entertainment and has donated more than 2.85 billion won so far

Lee Seung-gi

The news of Lee Seung Gi’s donation impressed the public, but that impression didn’t last long. When the actor announced his marriage with actress Lee Da In, netizens began to pour comments disparaging him. Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In started dating publicly in May 2021. Although Lee Da In has accompanied Lee Seung-gi during his difficult times, she could not receive congratulations from the public due to her father’s stock manipulation allegations.

All content related to the two’s marriage was flooded with malicious comments, such as “Lee Seung Gi is going through a tough time, and that’s why he couldn’t make a rational judgment”, “Please think about your marriage again”, “Lee Seung Gi, wake up!”, “Lee Seung Gi, please raise your standards for women”, etc.

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Lee Da In’s older sister Lee Yoo Bi uploaded a post congratulating her sister’s marriage on SNS but was terrorized with malicious comments. In response to the unsavory situation, Lee Da In and Lee Yoo Bi’s mother, actress Kyeon Mi Ri, announced that she would take legal action, stating, “I would no longer tolerate malicious comments for the sake of Lee Seung Gi”.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi and Lee Da In will tie the knot at their wedding on April 9th.

Source: Nate

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