Choi Ye-na directly mentioned the rumors related to her and a chaebol chairman, “It was my first time seeing that person”

Choi Yena

On February 6th, Choi Ye-na and her brother Choi Sung-min appeared as guests on the Youtube channel “Newcomer ~ New Media KPOP Broadcasting Station/신고식 ~ 뉴미디어 K-POP 방송국”.

On this day, Choi Sung-min mentioned the rumors related to Choi Ye-na and a chaebol chairman that broke out last year. Recalling the case, he said, “We were having a meal at that time and articles with an old man whom we got to know for the first time appeared”

Choi Ye-na said, “When I was having dinner with my brother, the company suddenly called me. They said, ‘We keep getting emails. There is a rumor going on’. I just didn’t care about it at first”, adding, “I went on the Internet just to play games, but then found out that I was on the main page”.

She continued, “Everyone knew except for us. We found out about it a little bit late”.

Choi Sung-min said, “We were so busy that we couldn’t even visit our grandfather that day. We had never seen that person (in the articles) before”.

New Media K-POP Broadcasting Station

On November 30th last year, SBS 8 News reported a Kakaotalk conversation between a chaebol Chairman and celebrity A. At that time, celebrity A’s identity was rumored to be Choi Ye-na. The controversy intensified since Choi Ye-na’s real name was specifically mentioned in many online communities.

In response, Choi Ye-na’s agency, Yuehua Entertainment denied the rumor, saying, “We cannot tolerate the fact that malicious commenters have caused mental pain and damages to Choi Ye-na, who is just pursuing her dream at the age of 20”.

Choi Yena

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