Following the illegal download and streaming issue, Chinese netizens are selling fake items of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” using Park Eun-bin’s pictures

ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is receiving favorable reviews overseas as it ranks 5th in Netflix’s worldwide TV Show chart. 

As the drama is becoming more viral at the syndrome level, the number of illegal viewers has also increased even in China, where Netflix is not available. It is also reported that they are selling a lot of images and products from the drama. 

As of July 25th, items worn by Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) already appeared when people searched for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” on the Chinese online shopping site Taobao.

The product information section includes screenshots from the drama, making look like items that were really worn by Woo Young-woo.

The brown cross bag that Woo Young-woo carries all the time in the drama has already become a trending item enough for the 3rd pre-order delivery to be carried out. 

The mentioned cross bag is a “capture bag” made by designer brand Semicode and it is known to be priced at 174,000 won. However, the leather cross bags are being sold on Taobao for between 1,000 yuan (190,000 won) and 88 yuan (17,000 won), depending on the seller. 

The prices of other items, such as the jacket, vary widely but most of them are fake products.

Earlier, this shopping mall sparked controversies as they sold fake goods of the drama “Squid Game”, which once created a global sensation.

Meanwhile, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is known to be distributed on various illegal streaming sites in China under the title “Great Lawyer Wei Ying-woo”. Following the illegal distribution issue, reviews and evaluations on illegal streaming sites made Korean viewers get angry.

On July 21st, Seo Kyung-deok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University, pointed out, “This situation can be summarized as ‘They are doing everything while watching the drama secretly’”, adding “It’s time for the Chinese authorities to step up”.

Source: dispatch

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