HYBE’s stock price went up 7% as Min Hee-jin’s girl group “New Jeans” revealed their first moves

HYBE, which had been suffering from constant negative factors such as the suspension of BTS group activities and school violence controversies, is on the rise with the debut of Min Hee-jin’s girl group.

According to Korea Exchange on July 22nd, HYBE was trading at 169,000 won as of 10:48 a.m., up 12,000 won (7.64%) from the previous trading day.

HYBE’s stock price rise seems to have been affected by the revelation of its new girl groups.

HYBE’s new label, ADOR, released a music video for its new girl group “New Jeans” at midnight on July 22nd (local time). The music video released is for the title track “Attention”. ADOR skipped the usual corresponding stage and released the music video first, breaking away from the custom of releasing the teaser video before the release of the new artists.

The names of the five members of New Jeans will be released along with the music video of the track “Hype Boy,” which will be released at midnight on July 23rd. The official tracks will be released on August 1st and the album will be released on the 8th.

ADOR is led by CEO Min Hee-jin, the former Creative Director of SM Entertainment. Starting with Girls’ Generation, CEO Min was in charge of planning concepts for girl groups such as f(x) and Red Velvet at SM Entertainment. She is also known to have led EXO’s worldview project. Min Hee-jin’s girl groups have always received attention from people with unique concepts, which is why expectations for New Jeans are extremely high.

Earlier, on June 15th, HYBE’s market capitalization fell by 1.985 trillion won as it lost 24.87% in a day on news of BTS’s group activities suspension. At that time, its closing price was at 145,000 won. In addition, Kim Ga-ram, a member of LE SSERAFIM, who received much attention as BTS’s sister group, has had her contract terminated on July 20th after controversy continued as she was pointed out as a perpetrator of school violence before her debut.

Source: newsworks

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