“Careless vs Simply a consolation”… Netizens get divided over Lee Gi-kwang’s remarks

While Lee Gi-kwang comforted young-kkeul people (exploiting the last drop of your soul when buying a house – because the house price would never go down)’s hardships, netizens’ reactions were divided.

On the July 22nd broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi-kwang‘s Gayo Plaza”, Lee Gi-kwang had time to talk with listeners about “house“.

On this day, a listener said, “I’m the king of young-kkeul. I bought a house because I’m a young-kkeul person, but the house price is going down. I’m in a tragicomic situation.”

lee kikwang

After hearing this, Lee Gi-kwang comforted, “I hope you cheer up. Interest on loans is getting stronger these days, and that’s possible. Life is a series of going up and down.”

Then he added, “You bought a house though. I don’t even own a house. Cheer up.”

However, some netizens who heard Lee Gi-kwang’s remarks responded that they were “unpleasant“.

lee kikwang

Netizens showed negative reactions such as “It’s not that he couldn’t buy a house, but he hasn’t bought it yet”, “It feels like he’s deceiving listeners”, “Is he cosplaying ordinary people?”…

On the other hand, there were also netizens who defended Lee Gi-kwang such as “Then if you were him, how would you comfort that listener?”, “He told the listener to cheer up. There’s nothing to be angry about”, “There’s nothing better to say in that situation”…

lee kikwang

KBS Cool FM’s “Lee Gi-kwang’s Gayo Plaza” airs every day at noon.

Source: nate

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