“Disband after failing to sell 100,000 copies…” Bibi’s younger sister’s group delivered sad news

Rookie girl group tripleS’ unit “AAA (Acid Angel from Asia)” ended their official activities on Nov 16th.

tripleS is a rookie girl group consisting of a total of 24 members and operates a system called “Dimension”.

triple s

The “Dimension” system is a method in which fans directly vote to select members to carry out unit activities.

According to the Dimension method, Kim Na Kyoung, Gong Yu Bin, Kim Yoo Yeon and Jeong Hye Rin among tripleS members started working as “tripleS AAA” from Oct 28th.

Kim Na Kyoung is singer Bibi’s younger sister. Kim Yoo Yeon has a history of participating in MBC’s “My Teenage Girl” and being eliminated in the final.

triple s

“tripleS AAA” will automatically disband if they fail to achieve 100,000 album sales during dimension activities. The first mini-album “ACCESS” released by tripleS AAA sold about 18,300 copies.

triple s

The members, who finished their activities, wrote on Twitter, “We got emotional as we were nominated for the first place on the last show. Thank you for being with us“, “Thank you for supporting us until the end.

Source: Wikitree

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