Lee Min Ho’s on-screen brother-in-law: Park Ji Bin returns as a merciless murderer in disguise, shocking viewers for his juvenile look 

The actor’s youthful looks along with his acting chops makes this drama comeback a successful one. 

Park Ji Bin was a famous child actor with his role in the hit series “Boys Over Flowers” as the childlike and adorable younger brother of Geum Jan-di (Goo Hye Sun) and received special treatment from Goo Joon Pyo. 13 years later, after a period with few acting gigs and declining recognition, Park Ji Bin made a surprise comeback in a crime mystery series “Blind”

park ji bin boys over flowers
Park Ji Bin and the cast of “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009 

Park Ji Bin was able to stun the audience for his wonderful performance as Jung In Sung, the element of surprise in the series.  At first glance, his character appeared to be a good and innocent guy who gets on the good side of the women around him just to use as a cover of his real nature. Later in the series, Jung In Sung was revealed to be the culprit behind every crime in the series. Ji Bin’s flexible acting and masterfully versatile expression are the ingredients of success for bringing Jung In Sung alive. 

park ji bin
The handsome, polite and harmless guy… 
park ji bin
…was in fact a cold-blooded murderer

Actor Park’s juvenile image also drew attention to the actor, helping him to convey the innocent front of the murderer more convincingly.  The viewers were shocked to learn the actor is now 27 years old when some even mistook him to be a rookie actor born in the 2000s. 

park ji bin

Some of the audience’s comments: 

  • He looks so young for someone born in 1995.  Some viewers even thought he was a more mature actor for his age. He can even play middle schooler roles if he wants to. 
  • If you were to tell me he was born in 2005 I would believe it. 
  • At first I thought he was only 15 or 16 years old, but when I looked him up and knew he was 27 I was shocked. 

Real-life shots of Park Ji Bin: 

park ji bin
Image source: Naver 
park ji bin
Image source: Naver 

Source: kenh14

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