Japanese fan’s humorous parody of BIG BANG with 100% resemblance

A Japanese fan of BIG BANG made netizens burst into laughter with a legendary-level parody. They released the video on Twitter on Feb 4th.

They appear to have participated in a program planned by Japan’s TBS. TBS said that they can be on TV if the videos is retweeted many times.


They said, “I hope it will go viral. We hope you could cooperate with us so that our love for BIG BANG can reach all over Japan.”


“Each member has a different way of showing fanservice. They kinda resemble each other so it was hard,” they continued.


They did the actions which perfectly resemble each member’s habit. Taeyang shook hands with a smile while G-Dragon was shyly being cute.


From their walks to their facial expressions, fashion and the way they react to fans were perfectly imitated.


The video is going viral on Twitter. Shall we take a look at it?

Source: Dispatch

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