BTS’s V, who stayed quiet over his dating rumors with BLACKPINK’s Jennie, “I don’t regret my actions”

BTS’s V shared his honest feelings in a recent interview with Vogue Korea. 

On September 19, Vogue Korea released an interview with BTS’s V alongside his photo shoot done in New York, USA.

To the question, “Are you the type of person who responds calmly to unexpected situations?”, V answered, “Even when it looks like I’m relaxed, it’s not really like that. I’m just trying to show that it is. I am able to think in the right manner instead.”


He continued, “I act according to what I think is for the best even though what I think might not be right. It’s not like there is no pressure but I do not regret my actions. I think I should act gracefully for those whom I love. Even when I’m hurt or going through a hard time, I’m happy and healthy thanks to our ARMY, BTS members, my family and friends”.

When asked what he thinks about relationships, V said, “I tend to cherish relationships with people. I like people. The artists, directors, writers, and reporters are all precious.”


He added, “In the past, I was hurt by seeing myself as a V only or just a personal network, so I was shy and hid my face, but I still like people. Those around me right now are the precious people who made me who I am today.”


Regarding the solo activities of BTS members, V said, “We support each other a lot. Recently, at Suga hyung’s house, we had time to listen to all the solo songs the members prepared individually. Someone would dance and everyone would be like “great, great”. It was so chaotic. It’s nice to see the members preparing music showing their own color like this, because we are so passionate and actively making music and love each other.”


V has recently been embroiled in dating rumors with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. Private photos of the two idols were getting leaked one after another, but neither of them has given an official response.


Source: Wikitree

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