AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk, “IU did the ‘Ah Puh’ dance that I taught at her concert… I felt like I’ve achieved success”

AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk told the story of when he felt a sense of achievement.

On the afternoon of October 20th, a video titled “‘It’s him XXX’ The words that Lee Chan-hyuk heard the most in Yeouido” was posted in the “Look Me Up” section of 1theK’s official Youtube channel.

In the video, when Lee Chan-hyuk found out that his birthday is the same as Cho Kwang-il’s, he said, “I heard people with the same saju (fortune) share the same periods for coming up and going down”, adding “Did he win (Show Me The Money 10) last year? Many things happened to me last year”, directly mentioning his meme.

Lee Chan-hyuk

Regarding the song “Song of Victory for Marine” he wrote for the Marine Corps during his military service period, Lee Chan-hyuk said, “It was really well-made”, showing his narcissistic side. When the PD asked if he got paid for the copyright fees,  Lee Chan-hyuk smiled and said, “It’s a talent donation. Instead, I received a 5-day stand-down”.

Lee Chan-hyuk

In addition, when asked, “Which song do you wanna mention regarding your songwriting and songmaking activities?”, Lee Chan-hyuk answered, “I wanna mention ‘Ah puh’ by IU (Lee Ji-eun)”. He continued, “I recently watched this video and she danced the choreography I taught at her concert”.

Lee Chan-hyuk explained, “I danced ‘Ah Puh’ in an annoying way like this and did the move of washing my armpit like this too. But she did it a little differently”, adding “I really didn’t expect someone to dance it”.

He then said, “As I watched IU dance it, I guess I realized that I’ve achieved success. I rarely get to feel that in other instances, but I felt some kind of sense of achievement at that time”, drawing laughter. 

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