BTS’s Suga “I Prefer Fireplace Videos For Spacing Out”

BTS’s Suga revealed that he often watches “fireplace videos” for spacing out

Suga’s interview was released through GQ KOREA’s YouTube channel on Sep 27th.

bts suga

Suga, who finished his world tour with a concert in Seoul last August, shared his recent situation, “I am currently starring in commercials and making simple personal content. I’ve been so busy for a while, and now that I have more free time, I think my life and overall life pattern is changing in many ways.

He continued, “There’s a certain video on Youtube, which is like a 10-hour video of a fireplace. I lie down and project the video on the ceiling. If I really don’t have anything else to do, I put the video on like ASMR and go to sleep. I prefer fireplace videos for spacing out.”

bts suga

Known as a basketball enthusiast, Suga confessed, “I feel very attracted to all-out attack and all-out defense. It’s also a sport I’ve enjoyed since I was young. And since I work with the NBA, it is a sport that I find even more enjoyable.

Wrapping up the interview, Suga said, “It’s still a little hot. It seems to go back and forth 30 degrees Celsius. Because fall is coming soon, everyone. It’s so short, right? Fall these days… It’s way too short, so I hope you have a really fun and enjoyable time during it.”

Source: Daum

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