BTS Jin had a drink with Chef Baek Jong Won and prayed for warm weather a week before enlisting

The appearance of BTS Jin a week before he enlisted in the military was revealed.

On January 23rd, Chef Baek Jong Won uploaded episode 2 of the content “Baek Jong Won, becoming a market” on his Youtube channel under the title, “Is this… a nightmare… or a lucky dream…!? The ominous energy surrounding the market…”.


A week before enlisting, BTS member Jin visited the market. Baek Jong Won boasted, “Isn’t it nice”. Jin asked, “You did it?”. He exclaimed, “You’re contributing to the development of this region. It’s so pretty”.

Sitting next to Jin, Baek Jong Won shared, “People in this region should develop and succeed equally”. Jin agreed and said, “All regions should become successful evenly”.


Jin continued, “The weather has gotten a little warmer lately. I have to go to the army in a week, so I hope it gets warmer”. Jin then stood up from his seat and said, “Let’s go have a drink”.

Meanwhile, Jin is the first BTS member to begin fulfilling military service. He entered the Division 5 boot camp in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do in December last year.

Source: Nate

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