From “Reply 1988” to “Mask Girl”: This Supporting Actor’s Transformation and Chilling Acting Captivate Viewers

The supporting actor gives viewers goosebumps with his acting performance in “Mask Girl”.

Every actor, from the main to the supporting cast of “Mask Girl”, has become the center of attention following the series’ success.

mask girl

Among the cast, Ahn Jae Hong takes on the role of Joo Oh Nam, a creep who works with and is obsessed with the female lead Kim Mo Mi to the extent of becoming a murderer. He has been praised by viewers and experts alike for his goosebump-inducing acting performance. From his comedic role in “Reply 1988” to “Mask Girl”, Ahn Jae Hong has boasted an impressive transformation by taking on a challenging role.

mask girl

Ahn Jae Hong was born in 1986. In 2009, he began his acting career and became a familiar face in both Korean film and television. Ahn Jae Hong has had a passion for acting since he was young and started experimenting with short films and performing in musicals. During his second year of college, he was invited to play the lead in a school musical. Throughout his undergraduate years, he continued to participate in short films as both a director and actor.

Currently, Ahn Jae Hong has been a part of 27 films and 8 TV dramas. Thanks to his appearances in numerous works, this actor has become a familiar face to the audience. However, his role as Kim Jung Bong in “Reply 1988” marked a major breakthrough. This success continued with “Fight for My Way” and “Be Melodramatic.” After the success of “Reply 1988”, Ahn Jae Hong reportedly secured a total of 9 advertisement contracts.

Ahn Jae Hong

In 2023, his spine-chilling role in “Mask Girl” has truly become a highlight in Ahn Jae Hong’s career. In 2021, he became a part of Management mmm, coming under the same agency with top stars like Kim Tae Ri and Jeon Yeo Been.

In 2019, his new appearance on the show “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator” created a stir, making him look unrecognizable compared to the chubby look in “Reply 1988”. Ahn Jae Hong revealed that he lost 8-10kg for his latest role.

Ahn Jae Hong

Ahn Jae Hong has always been low-key about his personal life, and the only time he talked about his relationship with an actress was in 2016. Ahn Jae Hong dated a rookie actress for 2 years. The two got together before he became more well-known thanks to “Reply 1988.”

Ahn Jae Hong

Ahn Jae Hong’s girlfriend is 5 years younger him and also attended Konkuk University, majoring in film studies. Surprisingly, his girlfriend was in the same class as Jae Hong’s co-star in “Reply 1988”, actress Ryu Hye Young. Ahn Jae Hong’s girlfriend is known among classmates for both her talent and beauty.

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