Park Bo Gum suddenly appeared in Thailand, turned the airport into a solo fan meeting 

Actor Park Bo Gum recently became a hot topic for his display of affections towards. 

Currently, various online communities and social media outlets are focused on actor Park Bo Gum, who was recently spotted in Thailand. On May 31st, the actor arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, in order to attend a fashion event on June 1st. 

park bo gum

Park Bo Gum’s airport appearance has since gone viral as local fans gathered to greet the famous actor, who just had his first overseas schedule after being discharged from the military. In return, Park Bo Gum warmly expressed his gratitude to fans. 

When a fan filmed Park Bo Gum’s entry in selfie mode, the actor came up behind her and waved to say hello. He also provided various fan services on the road and at the airport despite this not being an official event, and deeply moved local fans. 

park bo gum

Park Bo Gum has always been famous for his displays of affection towards fans. According to a Thai event planner, the actor never fails to interact with as many of his fans as possible. He even once high-fived more than 3,000 audiences at a high-touch event, while maintaining a smile from start to end. 

“That is no easy feat to do, unless he feels grateful from the bottom of his heart”, the planner said. 

park bo gum
Park Bo Gum noticed a fan filming and waved at the camera. 

In 2020, Park Bo Gum served his mandatory military enlistment as a part of the Navy’s Military Band. He officially discharged this April, and has since been attending fashion events and hosting award ceremonies. For now, fans are highly anticipating the kind of work Park Bo Gum will show in the future. 

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