6 stars who prove their handsome visuals even with the short haircut after enlisting in the military

Below are 6 celebrities who show off handsome appearances with short hair.

Hairstyle has a great influence on one’s appearance. In particular, Korean men often complain about having to cut their hair short when enlisting in the army. However, there are stars who still shine even with the military haircut. Here are 6 celebrities who look extraordinary great in short hair.

1. Super Junior’s Dong-hae

Dong-hae, who has attracted keen attention since debut with his sculptural face, showed off a perfect beauty even after joining the military. Dong-hae received many compliments for his military short hair, which helped highlight his unrivaled facial features even more. Dong-hae served as a police officer at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s public relations team for 21 months. He returned in the arms of fans after being discharged in 2017.


2. Singer-actor Ok Taec-yeon

Photos taken when Ok Taec-yeon was serving in the military once made headlines. Ok Taec-yeon earned the nickname “Captain Korea” thanks to his overwhelming physique, handsome look in short haircut, and unique facial features. He gave up his American permanent residence visa to be able to join the army in 2017 and serve as an active-duty soldier for 20 months.


3. SHINee’s Key

Key, who is active both on the stage and in entertainment programs, is also one of the stars who suit short hair. During his military service period, Key appeared in many performances in the army with his short hairstyle, giving off a neat and friendly vibe. Key enlisted as an active-duty soldier who serves in the military band and was discharged in March 2019.

shinee key

4. Actor Im Si-wan

Im Si-wan, who is known for his pure image, also perfectly pulled off short hair. Im Si-wan showed off his splendid visual even in the army with his unique expressions and handsomeness. The actor was discharged from the military 20 months after he enlisted at the 25th Infantry Division in Yangju, Gyeonggi-do in 2017.

Im Si Wan

5. EXO’s Xiumin

EXO’s eldest member Xiumin boasted his idol beauty even in the military. Before his enlistment, Xiumin was widely known as an idol who has a cute face but with manly personality. Xiumin joined the army in May 2019 and was discharged after completing all military duty missions.


6. Actor Park Bo-gum

Park Bo-gum once became a hot topic with his perfect look in navy uniforms and short haircut. The actor captivated female fans’ hearts with his refreshing smile and charismatic eyes in photos taken when he was serving in the military. Park Bo-gum, who began to serve in the Navy’s cultural promotion team in August 2020, was discharged on April 30th this year.

Park Bo-gum

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