6 “chemistry actresses” of the Korean film industry that makes passionate couples with their partners in every series

The 6 “actresses” below always satisfy the audience with their extremely smooth acting ability and good coordination with their co-stars.

Along with the extremely good role-playing ability and beautiful appearance, these Korean actresses also have a very sweet interaction with their co-stars. It is those wonderful chemical reactions that contribute to the success of the series and attract a large number of fans. Let’s review the outstanding names that are the top actresses of the Korean film industry.

1. Park Min Young

Park Min Young is not a strange name to those who love K-Drama. Any series that has this actress in it, viewers are assured by Park Min Young’s sweet reaction to her co-star. Even when the film ended, many fans questioned if the actress was really in love with her co-star because of their passionate acting in the film.

2. Park Bo Young

Behind the elegant, “age-hacking” appearance, Park Bo Young has a bright smile and eyes full of love. For that reason, no matter which co-stars she works with, their chemistry with Park Bo Young is an easy issue.

3. Park Shin Hye

Famous since she was a child actor, Park Shin Hye has so far pocketed a huge film fortune with a series of large and small works. With the ability of natural acting, it is difficult for fans to choose which actor makes the most beautiful couple with Park Shin Hye because no matter who she works with, Park Shin Hye and her co-star look like a real couple. 

4. Kim Go Eun

The muse Kim Go Eun is also one of the most appreciated names in her ability to create chemistry with her co-stars. This can be seen through each role that Kim Go Eun takes on. Even in the movie “Tune In Love”, director Jung Ji Woo commented on the perfect combination of Kim Go Eun and Jung Hae In: “Kim and Jung always give the audience a feeling of being born to love each other every time they show up.”

5. Kim Ji Won

Possessing a gentle yet luxurious appearance, along with excellent role-playing ability, Kim Ji Won can handle any role. Not only that, Kim Ji Won’s super chemistry with her co-stars has created cult love affairs on the Korean screen.

6. Seo Hyun Jin

It is not natural that the title of rom-com queen is given to the goddess Seo Hyun Jin. Specializing in acting in love series, Seo Hyun Jin is recognized by the audience for her sweet chemistry with her co-star.  From eyes, gestures to voice, it was as if Seo Hyun Jin had conveyed her love and expressed it very sweetly.

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