This actress is believed to be in elementary school, but turns out to be 21 years old this year

Actress Kim Yoon-hee recently caught the attention of netizens.

On the 19th, an article was posted on online communities such as Facebook, ‘The current status of a child actor with a singularity‘. The article showed some images of actress Kim Yoon-hee in the web drama “Cheese Film.”

Kim Yoon hee

Kim Yoon-hee is 21 years old and an adult, but she has played various roles from high school to elementary school students in web dramas.

Netizens who found out Kim Yun-hee’s real age left comments saying, “She’s an adult actress, but she’s amazing”, “I thought she was a real student“, “She looks really young“, and “I was surprised that she was an adult“.

Kim Yoon hee

Source: wikitree

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