Yuna (ITZY) broke fans’ hearts as she got a neck injury while filming the music video for LOCO

Fans couldn’t help but be heartbroken by the maknae of ITZY’s effort to finish the scene.

ITZY made their comeback on September 24 with their first full album “Crazy In Love” and the title track “LOCO.” Despite JYP’s significant investment in the song, which was created by “hitmaker” GALACTIKA (who also produced Dalla Dalla and WANNABE), it received not too good achievements. Thus, fans can’t help but feel sorry for the girls when they see ITZY’s efforts and expectations for their comeback.

JYP, in particular, released behind-the-scenes footage of ITZY prepping for their album Crazy In Love on the evening of October 2. The video also depicts the members’ difficult procedure of filming the MV LOCO.

itzy yuna
itzy yuna
itzy yuna
itzy yuna

Yuna, the group’s youngest member, sadly sustained a terrible neck injury while performing the group’s dance break scene.

itzy yuna
ITZY’s dance break filming in MV
itzy yuna
Yuna couldn’t move her neck after filming

Yuna was unable to move her neck properly as a result of the accident, which made the rest of the members as well as the staff present at the studio highly worried for her.

itzy yuna
The members are very worried

Thinking about this heartbreaking moment, Yuna shared, “When I was filming the dance break, the music ended and suddenly I couldn’t move my neck. There are so many other stages that I need to do in the future. Therefore, there is nothing sadder and more disappointing than when the body refuses to work as it should.”

itzy yuna
Yuna tries to hold back her tears even when it hurts

Yuna, on the other hand, managed to show off her choreography and finish the sequence successfully. Because of the hard choreography, the dance break was cut to ensure Yuna and ITZY’s health when performing on promotional stages.

itzy yuna

Before knowing this incident, many people previously expressed their disappointment because they thought that ITZY’s dance break this time was not as expected.

After watching Yuna’s touching share, many fans left many comments to comfort the female idol:

  • Yuna was in pain and couldn’t move her neck during the performance but did her best to finish filming the video. This is really precious.
  • You can see that ITZY had some tough moments while filming this MV, but they overcame it all and gave us something spectacular and surprising and I’m happy for that.
  • They’re doing great, we’re always happy to see them, but fans are still worried if ITZY feels good both physically and mentally? So take good care of yourself, stay healthy and live the way you want, Yuna-ah.
  • I’m literally crying.
  • Yuna tried to hold back her tears so as not to be misunderstood that she was acting too much. Yuna is so professional.

It is known that LOCO’s choreography was choreographed by top choreographers such as Lee Jung (YGX), Kiel Turin (who worked with BLACKPINK, TWICE), Sienna (who used to choreograph for BTS’ ON)…

itzy yuna

Source: K14

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