BTS Jimin said it’s hard to keep his weight in the 50kg range

Jimin, a member of boy group BTS, revealed his secret to maintaining his weight within the 50kg range.

On March 21st, a video titled “Jimin Set Me Free Pt.2′ MV Shoot Sketch – BTS” was published on the YouTube channel “BANGTANTV”. The video unveils the shooting process for the MV of Jimin’s new song, “Set Me Free Pt.2”. 


Here, Jimin, who has been on a diet for this year’s activities, confessed, “It’s not easy keeping my weight within the 50kg range, but I’m kind of getting used to it now.”

“Every night, I write down what I want to eat before going to bed”, he said, adding, “Yesterday, I wrote kalguksu, daechang, and ramyeon. I was craving something spicy. It’s been so long since I’ve had tteokbokki. Kalguksu with really good kimchi sounds amazing.”


As Jimin listed the dishes he wanted to eat, however, the male idol made a wistful expression, drawing laughter. 

Meanwhile, Jimin is set to release his first solo album on March 24th. The pre-released track “Set Me Free Pt.2” has topped the iTunes Top Songs chart in 110 countries shortly after its release.

Source: Nate

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