“Sorry for uploading again”… Kwon Mina stops SNS after boyfriend controversy

Kwon Mina in a two-timing controversy: “I lower my head to apologize to the ex-girlfriend…I won’t be on social media for a while”

Kwon Mina uploaded a new post after she announced that she would stop SNS. On the 5th, Kwon Min-ah posted a photo with the caption: “It seems that the agency gave an opinion on behalf of me at the time” through her personal Instagram. 

"Sorry for uploading again"... Kwon Min-ah stops SNS after boyfriend controversy → uploads new post

 “Thank you very much, anyway” then “If you see this, I would appreciate it if you could give me your contact information by DM. I’m sorry for posting again.” – Minah wrote.

In the published photo, a fan said, “It’s no different, but the complaint is being transferred from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to the Gangnam Police Station, and I spoke to the detective in charge today. I wanted to talk about the company, but he said, ‘Help Minah so she can calm down, I don’t want the case to escalate’.

Fans said, “In order for the case to proceed, Minah must appear in person to the police and make a statement of the damage. Minah’s personal will for this case seems to be the most important. So I’m going to give you a number so that you can talk to the detective in charge.

Previously, Kwon Min-ah held a live broadcast on the same day and apologized for the recent controversial incident with her boyfriend, and announced that she would refrain from social media activities for the time being after the live broadcast. Afterwards, she appealed for clarification and injustice about the case with AOA‘s Shin Ji-min, who was resurfaced in this controversy. On the other hand, Kwon Min-ah left the agency after the exposure of Shin Ji-min last year, and is currently only communicating through SNS.

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