BTS j-hope dances to Suga and IU’s new song “People Pt.2” as a gift for his brother 

j-hope has been the talk of the town due to his meaningful gift to celebrate fellow BTS member Suga’s solo album.

On April 7th, the song “People Pt.2”, which features a boom-bap rhythm, was released. The song also included Suga‘s seemingly relaxed rap and IU‘s clear voice, delighting listeners’ ears.

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As the song was released, Suga spent time communicating with fans through a live broadcast on the fan community Weverse. Here, the BTS member transformed into a radio DJ, and had a phone conversation with group mate j-hope during the broadcast.

During the phone call, j-hope congratulated Suga on the release of his solo album and said, “I prepared a gift for you tonight.” In response, Suga joked, “Are you going to upload the gift?”. 

BTS Suga

Afterwards, j-hope posted a short video of about 50 seconds on his SNS. The video, which is j-hope’s gift, shows the male idol dancing to the new song “People Pt. 2”.

As the song played, j-hope naturally embraced the groove and showcased his dance skills, at the same time flaunting his own unique flair.


Fans who saw the video responded with comments like “He dances really well,” “The song and dance go so well together,” “Warm-hearted j-hope,” “It’s touching to see a member supporting another,” and “It’s a really big gift.”

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