From BIGBANG to BLACKPINK and TREASURE, here are the most unique and trendy hair by YG idols 

YG idols have long been known for their one-of-a-kind stylings, including hairdos that not everyone can pull off. 

Throughout different generations of K-pop, YG idols have always been famous as the trendsetters who popularized the most unique styles. Some outstanding names are BIGBANG’s G-Dragon, 2NE1’s Dara, BLACKPINK’s Jennie,…

Recently, Hyunsuk of the 4th gen boy group TREASURE has continued this YG tradition. Hyunsuk dyed his hair multiple colors at the same time and shaved his side bangs. Hyunsuk also drew attention with his unconventional fashion, which is said to scream “YG energy”. 

treasure hyunsuk
Hyunsuk’s eye-catching hair and unique fashion 
treasure hyunsuk
Hyunsuk often dyes his hair unique colors 

Dubbed the “fashion and style icon” of K-pop, BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is highly appreciated when it comes to styling, no matter how “odd” it can get. During BIGBANG’s recent comeback with “Still Life”, G-Dragon had rainbow long hair. As a trendsetter, G-Dragon even made rainbow hair popular way back in the day. 

G-Dragon with rainbow hair in “Still Life”
The unique hair complements his visuals well
G-Dragon already made rainbow hair a trend a long time ago 

The most iconic hair of BIGBANG’s Daesung is without doubt the “mushroom” hair that completely covers his eyes. Whenever this hairstyle is mentioned, it is impossible not to think of Daesung. 

bigbang daesung
Daesung’s most legendary hairstyle

BIGBANG’s Taeyang is another outstanding name with unforgettable hairstyles that not every idol is willing to try. Taeyang has changed his hairstyle countless times over the years, but the most memorable is the “Kimbap hair” he had when BIGBANG released “MONSTER”. 

bigbang taeyang
Taeyang’s iconic hairstyles 

Since her debut, Jisoo has been known for mostly boasting hair in dark colors. Therefore, she always goes viral with lighter shades of hair. Recently on a trip to France, the oldest member of BLACKPINK became a hot topic with her bleached tips. 

jisoo blackpink
Jisoo rarely wears lighter shades of hair, and thus became a hot topic with bleached tips

During the “How You Like That” promotion, Jennie was the talk of town with her iconic bleached bangs. This hairstyle basically kick-started a trend among Kpop fans and the public alike. 

jennie blackpink
Jennie’s bleached bang quickly became a trend

In the teaser image for BLACKPINK’s prerelease single “Pink Venom”, Lisa swayed heart with a seductive burgundy hairstyle which exuded a Japanese vibe. 

blackpink lisa pink venom
Lisa is compared to a Japanese princess in the teaser image for BLACKPINK’s upcoming single

Previously while promoting for “Stay”, Lisa also drew attention for her platinum blond hair with blue baby highlights. The hairstyle fits the youngest member of BLACKPINK perfectly, and proves that no hair color can hinder Lisa. 

Lisa boasted platinum blond hair with blue baby highlights in “Stay”

WINNER Mino is yet another YG artist with an iconic style. In the past, he made headlines for his short undercut hair with spotty platinum patches. While the hair was said to look weird by many people, it is undeniable that it was filled with Mino’s unique color. 

Song Mino
Mino used to make headlines for his spotty hair
jennie mino
The male idol showed his unique personality via his stye
winner mino
He also tried “rainbow hair” for a magazine pictorial 
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