BTS has recently received 2 good news that no Korean group has been able to achieve before

BTS fans must be proud of the accomplishments their idols have made.

On the morning of September 20th, “DNA” from the album “Love Yourself: Her” released on 18/9 has officially surpassed 500 million views on YouTube. This is also an achievement that no Korean group has done before. The MV achieved the views in just a year and a day.

“DNA” surpasses 500 million YouTube views.

Earlier on September 19th, BTS also announced that they are going to appear on a popular American TV show called “Good Morning America”, ​​and perform at the US Times Square on September 26th. This is one of the most popular morning shows in America with millions of viewers. BTS is the first Korean group to perform here.

BTS is honored to be the first Korean group to appear on a famous American TV show.

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