‘BTS Frontman’ Jimin took the headline of #1 on Billboard Official Hot 100 alone… ‘The man the whole world wants’ is spreading K-culture with a ‘big bow’.

On behalf of BTS, BTS Jimin took the No.1 thumbnail of the Billboard Hot 100. This thanksgiving to fans is also drawing attention from domestic and foreign media.

On the 20th (local time), BTS rose to the top again with ‘Permission To Dance’, following ‘Butter’, taking the No. 1 spot for 8 weeks in a row.

On behalf of BTS, Billboard posted a solo photo of Jimin via the official website, and released the chart rankings by designating BIA & Nicki Minaj and Post Malone as thumbnails in that order.

When the new song ‘Permission to Dance’ reached No.1 on the Billboard ‘Hot 100’, Jimin wrote on the fan community Weverse, “Once again, I sincerely thank you for your love and support. I will live my life hard. Please be happy even for us.”. He also expressed his sincere thanks with a big bow.

After that, domestic media such as Korea’s representative public broadcaster KBS, SBS, YTN, and Yonhap News reported on the Billboard ‘Hot 100’ No.1. Besides, Media and official accounts from around the world, such as Koreaboo, All K-Pop, Zoom TV, Wolipop, Grid, Sucodemanga, Bollywood Life, TRANSTV, Bright Today, PriangantimurNews, 自由娛樂, kenh14, Studio92, etc. also paid attention to Jimin on the headline picture and reported extensively about this.

The media reported, “Jimin faced down on the floor and expressed his deep gratitude to the fans, making the ARMY proud.” This showed Jimin’s humble personality, even after he rose to the rank of one of the most popular superstars in the world. He also introduced the meaning of Korea’s ‘Big bowl’ culture, which is somewhat unfamiliar to overseas fans, saying, ‘Big bow’ culture is used only to show the most respect because kneeling is not common in Korea.”

Jimin, who has shown unchanging love for fans for 8 years since his debut, had fans bawling with his humble bow on the cold floor, strengthened the bond between the artist and the fandom, and at the same time led the Billboard’s record celebrations, not only promoting Korean culture as a ‘Korea frontman’ but also shining as a ‘BTS frontman’. 

Source: Nate

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