“Street Woman Fighter” Psy-Jessie episode: “Aren’t they playing favorites towards YGX Crew?”

Viewers are complaining after the winner of “Street Woman Fighter” Jessie’s New Song Choreography Mission was announced.

Mnet’s “Street Woman Fighter” latest episode, which aired on Oct 12th, featured a heated competition between dance crews for the first mission of the semi-final round. On this day, crews have to create the choreography for Jessi’s new song “Cold Blooded” and perform on stage. Psy and Jessi, who were in charge of judging, finally chose YGX‘s choreography after deeply contemplating the crew’s choreography.

YGX Holybang

In this regard, Psy said, “The concept was good, the chorus was good, and everything was good, especially this part was so neat. I think the storyline has been neatly organized throughout,” he said, explaining the reason for his choice. Jessie also responded, “He and I have similar opinions.” YGX won the semi-final stage, earning additional points and is granted the music video general directing authority.

However, viewers who watched the broadcast showed a number of dissenting opinions. In Jessie’s new song choreography mission, they agreed that Holy Bang’s choreography would suit her better. In particular, among the dance videos of each crew released on YouTube for public evaluation, Holy Bang’s dance video had the highest number of views and likes.

YGX Holybang

In addition, viewers are suspecting that YGX, a label and choreographer agency under YG Entertainment, was chosen as Psy, CEO of Jessie’s agency P-Nation, had been affiliated with YG for a long time.

YGX Holybang

On various community bulletin boards, people are complaining, “Holy Bang’s choreo this time is definitely Jessie style thou,” “Why would people like their video on YouTube? Of course it’s because Holy Bang’s choreo is the best,” “Don’t tell me you already scripted the final winner to be YGX…” and “Are you shamelessly pushing YG and P-Nation?”.

Source: Nate

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