Jin Seo-yeon, who lost 28kg in two months, revealed her diet method

Actress Jin Seo-yeon unveiled a diet that allowed her to build a perfect body with a height of 168cm and a weight of 50kg.

On June 20th, through her Instagram, Jin Seo-yeon introduced a diet that reduced her weight from 78kg to 50kg in two months.


Jin Seo-yeon, who said it is possible to diet with a full stomach, revealed that she eats lactic acid bacteria, vitamins, coconut oil capsules and 800ml of oat milk in the morning. She added that she drinks 1,000ml of warm water at times.

Jin Seo-yeon then shared that she frequently eats cherry tomatoes, vegetables and fruits before lunch, as well as drinks 1,000ml of warm water now and then.

jin seo yeon

As for lunch, Jin Seo-yeon said, “One loaf of microwave-heated tofu (soy sauce) or half a bowl of banana, sweet potato or rice. You can eat a lot of vegetables and fruits (bananas and kiwis make poop come out well). 1,000ml bottle (drink warm water once in a while).”

She said she can eat anything that does not gain weight in the evening, as well as drinks 800ml of oat milk with MCT oil and 1,000ml of warm water at moments.

Jin Seo-yeon talked about when she is hungry after dinner, “I eat tofu one more time. 1,000ml bottle (drink warm water at times).”

In the meantime, Jin Seo-yeon emphasized, “Just take a light walk to the target weight. Exercise hard after the target weight. Your weight will fall unconditionally.”

Jin Seo-yeon explained why we should drink a lot of warm water, “You lose weight easily when your body is warm.”

jin seo yeon

Finally, Jin Seo-yeon said, “You need to take multivitamins to lose weight flexibly. Distribute evenly nutrients. Take B12. The above diet method is not suitable for those who want to maintain their weight on a daily basis as it requires a longer period to maintain it after losing it urgently.”

Meanwhile, Jin Seo-yeon (born in 1983) is 40 years old this year and has a son.

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