Sunmi gets on a motorcycle and confesses “I don’t have a license… I can’t even ride a bike”

Famous singer Sunmi, known for her cool image, made a surprising confession that she can’t even ride a bicycle. 

On December 6th, Sunmi posted a behind the scenes video of herself filming a commercial on her YouTube channel. Here, the singer made an elegant appearance while wearing a white dress. 


At the set, Sunmi did her best by making various poses. Then, she changed into an intense black outfit and began to take photos on a motorcycle. 


Later on, during her break, Sunmi climbed on top of the motorcycle and made a confession while looking at her camera. “I don’t have a driver’s license. I’ll never ride a motorcycle in my life,” she sternly said, adding, “I can’t even ride a bicycle.”

Finally, Sunmi successfully finished the filming by shooting with a red outfit. 


On the other hand, Sunmi is showing her unrivaled side as a solo artist, and has attained massive hits such as “24 Hours”, “Gashina”, and “Siren”.

Source: Nate 

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