“BTS’ father” Bang Si Hyuk’s 34 billion won US mansion revealed (Free Doctor)

HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk’s US mansion was revealed.

Stars’ houses were introduced on the Sep 4th broadcast of tvN’s “Free Doctor”.

According to the broadcast, Bang Si Hyuk, who is called “BTS‘ father”, was ranked among the top 10 richest people in Korea according to an American economic magazine and joined the ranks of billionaires.

Bang Si-hyuk

Bang Si Hyuk’s mansion is located in Bel-Air, west of Los Angeles, USA. Bel-Air is a wealthy neighborhood where Hollywood stars such as Justin Bieber, couple Beyoncé – Jay-Z, couple Ben Affleck – Jennifer Lopez live.

According to the broadcast, Bang Si Hyuk purchased the mansion for about 6.4 million dollars (about 34 billion won). As Bang Si Hyuk’s stay in the US became longer, he prepared a place to live.

The mansion was designed and completed by architect Mark Rios in 2017. It boasts an exterior and interior reminiscent of a 5-star resort.

Bang Si-hyuk

The sliding window made of whole glass gives a cool feeling and at the same time makes it feel like there is no distinction between indoors and outdoors. The living room and dining room give a cozy feeling.

It also has a large study room and a modern yet minimal-looking bedroom. In addition, it is equipped with additional facilities such as a wine warehouse, guest room, spa, home gym and billiard room.

Broadcaster Oh Sang Jin expressed envy, “There must be spaces he doesn’t go to all year round.

Source: Daum

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