KARA discusses 15th anniversary comeback… Will they meet Girls’ Generation?

Group KARA is discussing 15th anniversary special events.

According to music officials on June 14th, KARA gathered on June 13th to discuss the reunion’s contents. They talked about the possibility of various activities such as the release of a digital single.


It is said that DSP Media and its parent company RBW will cooperate for this. In January, RBW announced that it would acquire DSP Media, utilize the intellectual property rights (IP) of the company’s sound source and develop its business using non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

KARA members also agreed that they wanted to make a gift for their fans in time for the 15th anniversary. Since June 11th is Kamilia (KARA’s fandom name) Day, the members have been actively working, such as holding meetings with other companies, in order to release contents on this date.


Regarding KARA’s comeback discussion this time, a music official said, “I know they’ve been meeting often. This time, the members discussed among themselves.” Another official shared, “The members’ agencies are different and the needs can’t be the same for each agency, so they have to discuss in detail. I know the members have a lot of affection for KARA and want to hold a one-off event in the meaningful year of their 15th anniversary.”


Due to various internal circumstances, the release of contents tailored to “Kamilia Day” failed, but the members posted group photos on SNS and delivered their 15th anniversary thank you messages to fans. Leader Park Gyu-ri confessed, “Everyone who lived together under the name of KARA will celebrate together for the first time, share stories, laugh and cry, and care for each other’s sinking hearts to make them a little happier. I have hope that I’ll be able to do it. Congratulations once again on Kamilia Day and KARA’s 15th debut anniversary.


If KARA releases a reunion single this year, there is a possibility that they will meet Girls’ Generation, which debuted in the same period as them. Girls’ Generation will make a comeback this August with an album commemorating their 15th anniversary.

KARA debuted in 2007 and released numerous hit songs including “Pretty Girl”, “Honey”, “Mister”, “Lupin” and “Step”. In Japan, they became the first Asian female singer to enter “Oricon Top 10” with a debut single and became the first foreign female singer to reach the top of the Oricon Weekly Singles chart. They also performed on the Tokyo Dome stage and enjoyed sensational popularity in both Korea and Japan.


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