Not Suzy? Blackpink’s Jisoo confirmed as first guest on Lee Young-ji’s ‘My Alcohol Diary’ Season 2″

Blackpink member Jisoo will appear as the first guest on season 2 of “My Alcohol Diary”.

According to Star News on the 19th, Jisoo will be a guest on the season 2 of “My Alcohol Diary“, which features 1-on-1 interviews with guests hosted by Lee Young-ji. Season 2 will begin on April 7th.


Jisoo recently finished filming for the show and reportedly had various conversations with Lee Young-ji. Rumor has it that Jisoo showed off her wit and humor, which cannot be seen in any other variety shows.

On the other hand, although the resumption date of the program has not been announced, last month there was speculation that Suzy would be the first guest on the new season of ‘My Alcohol Diary.’ This was due to Lee Young-ji recently following Suzy’s Instagram account and announcing that “an amazing guest” would be making a comeback soon.

However, as the release date for Suzy’s Netflix original series ‘The Sound of Magic’ has not been confirmed, it seems that Jisoo has taken the position of the first guest.


Moreover, it arouses curiosity about the conversation between Jisoo and Lee Young-ji regarding Jisoo’s music, as Jisoo is about to release her first solo album “ME” on the 31st of this month.

Meanwhile, “My Alcohol Diary” ended its first season on October 20th last year with BTS Jin’s episode. Among the 13 episodes of Season 1, the episodes featuring Tomorrow X Together’s Soobin, Seventeen’s Hoshi, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, Monsta X’s Hyungwon, Twice’s Nayeon and Chaeyoung, Christopher, and BTS Jin surpassed 10 million views, gaining great popularity.

Source: Nate

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