Bona: “Nam Joo-hyuk is very playful, it’s hard to handle; Choi Hyun-wook might have lost a few screws”

WJSN Bona talked about the five members of Taeyang High School in the drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one.”

On Mar 29th, Elle Korea uploaded a video on its official YouTube channel titled “Na Hee-do vs. Kim Tae-ri, Baek Yi-jin vs Nam Joo-hyuk? Bona and Go Yu-rim pointed out the difference between the actors in real life and their roles!”

Bona-Elly Korea

In the video, Bona (real name Kim Ji-yeon) participated in an interview using emojis. Bona showed the emoji of hands clapping together when asked, “If you express actress Kim Ji-yeon as an emoji,” saying what she wanted to say was “I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Bona said, “WJSN Bona can be expressed with a rabbit emoji,” adding, “Fans call me a rabbit.”

Bona then chose an emoji full of hearts, saying, “Go Yu-rim in the drama ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’ is a character surrounded by love.” On the other hand, she expressed herself as a basic emoji with a smile and did not explain why.

Bona-Elly Korea

Bona expressed Na Hee-do of “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” as the dancing emoji and actress Kim Tae-ri as the emoji wearing sunglasses. She explained, “This is because Hee-do never stays still.” He then said, “In fact, I think Na Hee-do and Kim Tae-ri are the same,” adding, “Tae-ri is fun.”

Bona described Baek Yi-jin in the drama as a “fox,” saying, “That’s how people react to him these days.” It is presumed to be because Nam Joo-hyuk is making fangirl’s hearts explode through his role in the drama. About Nam Joo-hyuk in real life, Bona said, “He is extremely playful,” adding, “If he says about 10 words, 9 out of 10 I don’t know how to react to.” She chose the facepalming emoji, saying, “I’m doing this next to him.”

Bona-Elly Korea

Bona picked an emoji that was drooling, saying, “A friend who seems to have a screw loose somewhere” to describe Moon Ji-woong. Bona then raised the emoji which is sticking its tongue out, saying, “Hyun-wook also has about two to three screws loose.”

Bona explained about Ji Seung-wan in the drama, “She’s very chic and do whatever she wants, so she doesn’t respond much no matter what we do. On the contrary, Lee Joo-myung in real life is playful and fun,” she said, lifting the winking emoji.

Bona-Elly Korea

Bona said, “The scenes in summer at the beach is the highlight of the drama to me. There was a scene where Baek Yi-jin was dragged into the water, but on the contrary, we were all dragged instead,” adding, “We went into the water upside down. It was an unusual experience. It was fun,” she recalled.

Bona chose the emojis of a pig, a baby, and sleeping when asked, “If you express your actual personality as an emoji.” She explained, “I like sleeping and eating,” adding, “and I ask the staff to treat me like a baby.”

Bona lifted the fire emoji, saying, “I want to play a strong role in the next work.” She then said, “I cried a lot in scenes where I shouldn’t cry. If you look at it, there will be some scenes where my eyes are swollen,” revealing some behind-the-scenes episodes. “I don’t know why I cried either. There were many times when I said bad things and I cried. I have to hurt them with my words, but I kept crying, so I kept making NGs,” she confessed.

She then lifted the clapping emoticon, saying, “The drama ‘Twenty-five, Twenty-one’ can be expressed by the word ‘Youth’.”

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